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Experiences beyond Your Expectations ...
here's a few

Dear Roger,
Thank you so much for helping us to plan such a wonderful trip! We all had an amazing time! Every hotel you selected was incredible. Driving into L'Abbaye Ste-Croix was particularly breath taking! To see such a variety of city and countrysides was a perfect combination - especially with the kids. My 15-year-old Chris described the trip as "awesome." Pretty well sums it up! Thank you so much!
K. & J.

Dear Roger,
Congratulations on your selection as part of the first Canadian Space Agent Team for Virtuoso and Virgin Galactic! We are delighted to have you join the 47 American ASAs in helping build the foundation for consumer space travel.
Your adventurous spirit and passion for the project are what set you apart in the selection process, and we are so pleased that you've come forward to make the five-year commitment to this, the ultimate in experiential travel.
Again, we're glad to have you onboard for this very exciting new venture.
Chief Executive Officer

Fantastic ... you're the greatest! Good weekend to you, Rog...! E.W.

Thanks Roger. Many thanks for all your help.  Feels like we have an angel watching over us... S.G.

Dear Roger - You are a star! The trip was fabulous. The Monasterio Hotel was definitely a highlight. I am in love with Peru and will definitely go back for longer. The arrangements were great ... the OE guides were terrific. Machu Picchu was fun and the train was a treat! The rain forest was also great - only 4 in our group and a super guide. Apparently the hotels in Cusco and Machu Picchu had been fully booked for months and no one could believe we had just booked! Clearly you are magic! Best & many thanks - it was just what I needed!! - Tracy

This is a fabulous oasis. It us like visiting someone's elegant yet relaxing serene home where the rooms are elegant, beautifully appointed, all top amenities, the food and wines the best. The part of our trip you arranged has been first class! Thank you! - Margie

Thank you for all your help - it has been very calming knowing that you are watching over us!! - Raj.

Again......you go above and beyond....even while on vacation! Thank you. Enjoy your vacation! - Eleanor

... Anyway, the doorbell rang mid-meal and a lovely gift from Roger Kershaw was delivered. Thank you Roger for thinking of us. We are the ones who should be thanking you for your wonderful service and concern for our welfare at all times, even mid-cruise. Looking forward to many more occasions when you can show us the world is enough for us, and we know you will not let us and our family down. - Barbara

Hi Roger: Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I have given your contact info to our neighbour, A.C.  She is going to be in Hong Kong on business in January and is looking for some help planning a trip following her meeting.  We told her that there was no one better than you. Thank you also for taking such good care of Allison & Jason.  I talked to her today and she is so excited about their trip and everything you have organized for them. - Barb

Hi Roger, Thanks for all your help today. Couldn't have done it without you. You are truely the best! - G. S.

I love you, you darling man. Thank you. Give Jim my love as well. xo - Meg

Roger is the best! He really helped me incredibly on this trip. I missed my flight this morning (first time in 20 years) and he managed my trip like a true professional and went completely above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks for hooking me up with him! - G.S.

Just wanted to check-in and let you know that our trip has been beyond our expectations in almost every dimension. ... just one true once-in-a-lifetime experience after another.  We are now in Beijing, absolutely soaking up every star that the Raffles 5 star experience has to offer.  Partly because we are now on our own, without the extended family obligations, partly because our hotels in Dali and Lijang were not as accomodating to the Western traveler (we were at the mercy of our Chinese hosts on this one) and partly because the air is so polluted in Beijing right now that we can't be out in it for very long.  It truly looks like a post-apocalyptic surrealist landscape-the visibility is one or two blocks at the most, then everything disappears in a gray smog.  But inside this hotel--"OMG" as my daughters would IM--posh is the correct British term for the space, the service, and the amenities.  Thank you for guiding us to it, and for all of your help with arranging this trip for us, inspite of our obsessive style of non-decision making, you hung in there and we appreciate your talent.  You clearly love your work, it shows in everything you do.  Thanks again - Cindy and Lee

Thank you so much for arranging yet another wonderful trip! Everyone had a great vacation and I am glad you talked me into Mexico. :-) The weather was perfect, the food great, friendly people, lots to do and, best of all, G and I got to relax a bit sans kiddies! Hopefully we can chat more later but I wanted to send along our thanks and appreciation for all of your hard work. - Jen

Thank you Roger! I intended to email you to say the whole Peru trip has been perfect. We could never have done it alone - we are too old! Our guides, Violetta and Carlos, have been superb; the hotels were fabulous, both of them. We wanted to do this trip and you made it possible for two seniors to experience it with ease. Many thanks, Margaret

Thank you Roger- you are truly the best I have ever seen - I have tried agents before but have always given up on them because they don't seem to really care - but man, you care! - and I am very grateful. John M.

Just wanted to let you know that Costa Rica is wonderful and this is one of those blessed trips where all is and will be well. The volcano erupted -- one giant red sparkler. The weather is too cool for Ticos, but perfect for us. Both Lost Iguana and Fonde Vela are lovely.

Most of all, the Swiss Travel guides have ensured that we have fun-filled drives, even on bumpy roads, and fill our heads so full of information that I have to keep updating my travel journal every five minutes as I remember yet another tidbit I forgot. Fabian took us from the airport to Lost Iguana and gave us a great dining recommendation.

But Enrique was the best -- please forward our compliments to his company. He knows every flower, bush, tree, bird, and reptile in CR. Thanks to him, we spotted(and photographed) 41 bird species within Cano Negro within 3 hours and that doesn't include those he spotted on the way. Not to mention baby caymans, iguanas, sloths, etc.

Your arrangements are perfect. Thanks again. - Carol & Bob

A belated but nonetheless heartfelt thanks for your work on our trip. We had a fabulous time! Keltic Lodge in particular was just spectacular! - Linda

Yet another terrific trip, Roger. Accomodations have been perfect for our group. Long Beach Lodge was beautiful and I think very reasonable for the cottages. Cox Bay was the perfect location, for kids and novice surfers. Timing as well has been perfect. Tofino was beautiful, but it was nice to have a scene change and three nights in Victoria as you suggested.
Golf for some of us, shopping for others. My mother loves this place.

Thanks for planning such a great and memorable trip for us. - Pam

Perfect, you are the very best Roger, thank you. Jeff

[and again:] Hi roger, thanks for pulling out miracles again. ... You are the best. Jeff

You are amazing! :)  - E. McC.

Thanks for all your help, you've been fantastic!  - Chris O.

[and the next trip:] This was a fabulous trip!  Just fantastic. Came home with lots of stuff, beautiful memories, couple extra pounds.  I'm on a month long detox program!  Thanks for all you did in making this truly a trip of a lifetime!  - Chris O.

Hi Roger....Once again you outdid yourself!! We had an awesome time in Cayman and the villa was perfect. .... Thank you for all of your help this past fall with travel arrangements. You have been very generous and kind to our family and we are extremely appreciative.
Regards, J W and family

Bless you for being you, one of a kind you. Not only do you create once-in-a-lifetime experiences, you are funny (very) and do it all with one very big heart. Love from J-A & Z

Roger -
The trip of a lifetime, well done and thank you . - BC

Has anyone told you lately how awesome you are???  - Sandy

Roger, you're the best! - Glenn M

Thanks for your expert help .I know when it comes to travel , with you on it , I don't have to be concerned about a thing .it takes a lot off my head. - BR

Throughout the years you have truly put together amazing trips to some of the worlds unique places, but I think the latest trip out does them all. From the islands in the Galapagos, to the Amazon rain forest, to Machu Picchu, to Cusco, to Lake Titicaca, this trip exceeded all of our family's expectations. Between the culture, the landscape, the food, and the accommodations, this trip had it all. Thanks again for everything you did to make this happen.

There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that you truly know your travel.
J . & T.

A big thank you for helping to make our honeymoon so special! All of your work, especially with those "last minute" changes, was appreciated more than you know. It was one less thing for us to worry about as we knew you had it all under control!
Warmest regards,
J. & G.

As usual, you are right on top of things. - David L

What a miracle worker! - Shelly O.

Thanks, Roger. You're the best stress reliever I know.- B. R.

Dear Roger,
Thanks once again for your splendid arrangements. The trip was awesome! Here's a little something of Venice's famous Murano glass and silver. As well as a stopper, it is created to keep "the bubbly" in champagne or sparkling wine that has been opened. A cool invention!

You are simply the BEST ! Thanks, JM

Perfect! Nobody can even compare to you. ... [H]ad tried to get a hotel for days prior to you being involved. -- GS

Hi Roger, Thanks for the Italy trip you organized for us. It was unbelievable, without a hitch, hotels and location were fantastic and The Savoy even sent me a cake for my 50th.  We really appreciate the work you did to make our trip outstanding.  Thank you , thank you , thank you!!!   I also let Mr M., who referred us to you, know what a great job you did.  Solid references coming your way to all of our friends.  Looking forward to the next adventure you can get us set up for.  

You are a gentleman and a scholar! - Natalie

Hi Roger. We arrived home last night after a very exciting and eventful two weeks. WOW!!!! You sure know how to plan a vacation. It was perfect from start to finish. Thank you so much for the gorgeous and delicious box of chocolates at Plaza Athénée. I think one of my favourite experiences of the entire trip was breakfast at the Plaza. It was totally over the top. The Kalos golf trip was exciting. Thank you once again for your wonderful attention to detail. -J&J

Hi Rog,
It was SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!! - JA!

I am never worried with you.  I truly could not do what I do without your diligence, thoughtfulness and common sense.  I also appreciate that you try to save me money.  Thank you, Roger.    -JM

I am home! Thanks for helping today! Lifesaver! -EMcC

You are really getting yourself totally established in your own very special personal niche - it is exactly what the world needs and totally wonderful that you are there - it was always in the works for you, you are the BEST travel consultant in the entire world, Roger!

Thanks again for planning what will be a great trip, and another after that!!!!!

...overwhelmed with all of your help and generosity ... - M&T

Thank you Roger. You are a genius. -MC

Good morning Roger....Thank you once again for organizing our children's lives. . and T have arrived safe and sound in Paris and are extremely excited about starting the next chapter in their lives. M was ecstatic about the car waiting for them at the airport. We can't thank you enough for all of your wonderful help. Talk to you soon. -JW

Thanks for everything. As usual, because of you nice things happen. -EM

You're the best, Roger. Thanks -LB

I wanted to thank Roger for organizing such an outstanding memorable trip. From the time we were picked up ...  till the time we were dropped off ... at the airports, the trip was basically flawless. - R O'K

I don't know if you are looking for business but my DL is soooo impressed with you and mentioned that he may approach you to help with his team of - can you believe - 40 people. I said that I didn't know how much more you could handle - but he could discuss. You are one in a million! - Sherry  [and of course the answer, is, "consider it done!"]

Awesome Roger - you are the star that Sherry said you were..... David L

Roger, it has been an absolute pleasure organizing this trip with you. I appreciate how determined you have been, I am sure I am a tough client .  Please note that  I am always very appreciative, and have lots of great connections so will work hard to send business your way! .and oh my GAWD am I excited.  - Tracy

Thanks again for your amazing promptness. - Kevin

Bermuda went great. Everyone had a fantastic time. They got the Virtuoso suite upgrade. My Mom had the time of her life. Everything went without a hitch .Thanks Roger. - Brian R