June 2007

Dear Rog & Jim,

You already know I'm high on travel! Now, I'm even higher. In space, in fact. Well, not me, yet, but I'm honoured to be able to put you there!

Virgin Galactic has appointed Virtuoso as their exclusive retail travel group in North America, promoting commercial space tourism to the North American market. From all the applicants, only a very select group of Virtuoso's elite members ( only 5 in Canada) was chosen. We have gone through a comprehensive training program with Virgin Galactic to become "Accredited Space Agents." I am proud to be among the first travel consultants in the world endorsed to reserve seats on Virgin Galactic spaceflights.

I'll be devoting this newsletter exclusively to the Virgin Galactic experience. Read on, Dream, and call me if you have any questions (or are ready to book!).

Let me make your next travel experience truly Out of This World!

Roger Kershaw
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  • Feature Destination
  • What is Virgin Galactic?
  • When will the flights begin?
  • How many flights will operate and how many passengers on each?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Referrals welcome!

  • What is Virgin Galactic?

    Virgin Galactic was established by Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group to undertake the challenge of developing space tourism for everybody. It will own and operate privately built spaceships, modeled on the history-making SpaceShipOne craft. These spaceships will allow affordable sub-orbital space tourism for the first time in our history.

    Virgin Galactic will run as a business with the sole purpose of making space travel more affordable to people throughout the world.

    When will the flights begin?

    First, recognize that VG will not commence commercial spaceflight operations until entirely satisfied it is safe to do so. Any times and dates are subject to change for this reason.

    The design and build of SpaceShipTwo (SS2) and WhiteKnightTwo (WK2) is on schedule at Scaled Composites in California. If things continue as smoothly as they have, we anticipate that the first SS2 and WK2 will be rolled out in spring 2008. Twelve to 18 months of test flights will follow, meaning that the inaugural flight should launch sometime toward the end of 2009 or in the first half of 2010. Test flights could take less or more time, so these dates are in no way guaranteed.

    How many flights will operate and how many passengers on each?

    Each SS2 carries 6 passengers and 2 pilots. During at least the first year of flight operation VG will operate just one flight per week. This means that Founders and Pioneers should be able to fly within this first year of operation; Voyagers will being flying in the second year.

    Five SS2's and two WK2's have been ordered for delivery within the first 2 years of operation, with plans to operate at least one flight per day by the end of the second year of operation.

    How much does it cost?

    The full flight cost is USD200,000. Founders are the first 100 people to fly commercially and pay the full USD200,000 up front. Founder seats are available by invitation only. Pioneers will be the next 400 to fly with deposits ranging from USD100,000 to USD175,000, depending on flight priority. Voyagers will fly after the first 500 and currently pay a deposit of USD20,000 to secure their seat.

    In most cases deposits are fully refundable, however Virgin Galactic reserves the right to charge a handling fee equating to 5% of Voyager deposits and 10% of Pioneer deposits.

    Referrals welcome!

    The highest compliment my clients can give is the referral of their friends, family and business associates. Thank you for your support.

    Feature Destination

    Space . . . Almost.

    Your Invitation to an Otherworldly Vacation.

    While you may have to wait till 2009 to visit outer space, Virtuoso Discoveries presents an exciting prequel: zero gravity flights aboard G-Force One, a specially modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft that simulates weightlessness. Enjoy an experience described as "amazing" by physicist Stephen Hawking (above), "exhilarating" by Apollo II astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and "unbelievably cool" by SpaceShipOne aerospace designer Burt Rutan.

    This exhilarating adventure is the centerpiece of an exclusive two-night (Aug 17-19, 2007) vacation at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. I'm pleased to offer you this exciting package for only USD4,199 per person/double (single and flight-only rates available). And, I'll even be there to offer you a famous Lemon Drop Martini at the Bellagio's Baccarat Bar when you return! I hope you'll take advantage of this unique opportunity presented by Virtuoso Discoveries. Please click here to view a PDF with the details, and do feel free to call me with any questions.

    Zero Gravity Corporation (Zero-G) is the only FAA-approved provider of weightless flight to the general public. The flights about one hour, with 10 controlled parabolic maneuvers, one at lunar gravity (1/6-gravity) and nine at zero gravity.

    The interior of the plane has padded floors and walls and a video camera to record the event. You get to keep your flight suit as well as photographs and a DVD of your encounter with microgravity.

    Zero-G Adventure
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